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Live teacher led-classes

  • You’ll hear and speak real-world English, either one-to-one or with a small group of other English students from around the world.

  • Our classroom makes it easy to learn English online by connecting you with a certified English teacher.

  • Practise your conversational English anytime, on any device.

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What to expect from a class with a live teacher online

Whether you’re just a beginner starting your first online English course or an advanced learner hoping to perfect your English, online English classes with our expert teachers are the fastest way to gain confidence in your English.

Live group classes

Join a relaxed environment where you can learn and chat in English with other students who share similar goals.

With group classes you will get:
  • 45-minutes of teacher-led English conversation.
  • Different, useful class topics daily.
  • Small class size: 4-5 students on average.
  • Classes available every 30 minutes, 24/7. No need to book.

Live private classes

Accelerate your progress and hone your speaking skills in a one-to-one session with a friendly, certified English teacher.

With private classes you’ll benefit from:
  • A 40-minute class tailored to your individual goals
  • Undivided attention and instant feedback
  • The supportive teacher of your choice
  • Classes available at any time with 24-hour advanced booking

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